As you know Capone has made a name for him self as a male exotic dancer who is requested alot in the Whittier surrounding areas, He has been dancing for a few years now and is very experienced when it comes to making the party have a great time.He really knows how to lighten up the event by getting all the ladies involved even if they are shy because he has that nice energy about him, He said being a exotic dancer just doesn't mean to take all your clothes off but also knowing how to be a social success at a party.So if you are looking for someone very fun and outgoing this dancer is your man.

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Capone Dancer Whittier



Height: 6' ft Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Race: Italian / Latin

Hobbies This Italian will let you ride him like the full bread stallion he is!! He enjoys all types of spicy food wit alot of herbs but is favorite food of all times is an old fashion burger, He loves to to bowl on the weekdays when he is not working and always spends time with his family on sundays.

I cover areas such as: Whitter , Los Angeles , Alhambra , Burbank , Pasadena , La , Culver City , San Pedro , Maywood , Duarte , Southern California.


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