When you see damian in person he looks just like his picture down below, When he first came in our moreno valley location we thought he looked like oscar del la hoya and we were thrown back out of our chair but since we new the local latin girls thought oscar was very cute and attractive our male exotic dancers office said why not hire him? On top of everything else he was in perfect shape to be an exotic dancer and had the personality to be one as well and we noticed he was a charmer for the ladies as soon as we talked to him for five minutes.After time he became one of the most requested dancers in our california industry in the spanish speaking world, Wow! The mexican ladies love him to death and continue to bring us busines every week at there shows. If you think this golden boy is hot you have no idea what you are in for when he takes it all off.He currently is also a body builder off season and blows up to about 220 lbs and all of the latin women love him, He is always tanned and ready to take it all off as soon as he walks in the room and plays his edited music from start to finish.We actually think his testosterone is a little high for a male stripper and this year he will be perfoming at some male reviews in Moreno Valley Caifornia.He is currently very single and says he will start to look for that special girl at the end of this summer after his body building contest in Moreno Valley, So remember his name or save this page if you have a potential party coming up soon or just email him if you have and questions or just wanna flirt.

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Damian Male Dancer

The Golden Boy


Height: 5 ft" 10 Weight: 195 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Race: Mexican

Hobbies : I came to this country years ago from mexico and now I am a current american citizen and love to dance to spanish music, and R & B! I currently body build and compete twice a year as a hobby and love doing it.

I cover areas such as: Moreno Valley , Riverside , Perris , Temecula , Banning , Beaumont , Ontario , Rancho Cucamonga , Pomona , & All California.






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