Here at Latins Finest we love fabian because he is so cool and easy to work with when it comes to being a male exotic dancer, At the moment this latin dancer lives in Norwalk but will travel and dance all over California especially if the girls are hot and horny because this young man is on the prowl and he is single and ready to mingle.This stripper is best known for his smile and great vibe when he arrives at your occasion no matter what type of party it is, Alot of the girls think he is very good looking in person and the word is that he looks ten times better person then he does on his pictures.Or since he is single shoot him an email and maybe he might respond and meet you for lunch because thats how humble he is.Dont let this shy boy full you as he is not shy when he transforms into a male exotic dancer at night as he currently trains out of a gym in Norwalk to get ready for all of the So Cal parties this new year. One of his best features that has been told by the ladies who have had him at previous shows is that he has nice big legs and a awesome additude to go with it as he can to all age group events and make every girl or women fill comfortable . He also carry's about 16 different costumes and attire with him at all times just in case he gets called for a last minute booking.Click Here to View Costumes

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Fabian Male Dancer

Shy Boy Picture

Height: 5 ft"10 Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Race: Mexican / Latin / Spanish

Hobbies Sports, and enjoying life while he is young! He is an exotic dancer at the moment but he is looking into the airforce , army , marines in the future but he just has not made u his mind yet.

I cover areas such as: Norwalk , Santa Fe Springs , La Puente , Temple City , East Los Angeles , Eagle Rock , Long Beach , Wilmington , Lynwood , & So. California.






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