We understand its very hard to find good help and talent in Pasadena but if you ever decide to work out at the gym you might run into this male stripper named diesel who is there in the morning and night time. He might not be the tallest stripper around California but he is definitely very thick , big and full of muscle with an hardcore sexy look for your next bad girl birthday party so dont think he is gonna walk in and be the nice exotic dancer that you are used to ordering from us because this male performer will honestly take it to another nasty level if you dare to let him.Click Here For Our Los Angeles Office


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The Bad Ass Stripper

Height: 5'10 Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Race: Costa Rican / Latin

Hobbies I love to take vacations to Costa Rica and bring back all my game and teach it to these California women!!! I love my culture but more then all I love myself more and more every day.

I cover areas such as: Pasadena , Burbank , Glendale , Los Angeles , Eagle Rock , La , Altadena , Alhambra , Studio City , San Fernando Valley , Southern California.





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