This Italian Stallion has a great strip club performance as he shows off his skills every friday night at a male strippers club in south gate, wich is very popular with the spanish speaking crowd and offers drinks and an open bar for all of the vip guests. This stripper is bi linguel and can dance to salsa, cumbia, and hip hop dance for all of the young girls that are into that kind of music. One if his best performances is a latin construction act that really takes it to another level because there are alot of sound effects that make this male stripper act one of a kind in all of Southern California.

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Scott Handsome Stripper

Ladies Man From South Gate

" Scott "
Height: 6' ft Weight:185 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Race: Italian / Latin

Hobbies : During the winter I love to do just about anything that involves the snow like heading up to big bear lake and snow boarding or just relaxing in the cabin by an open fire with hot chocolate.

I cover areas such as: South Gate , Los Angeles , Bell , La , San Gabiel Valley , Claremont , Upland , Montclair , Chino Hills , West Covina , Southern California.





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