Here at Latins Finest Female Strippers you could choose your dancer with over 30 different costumes for your Bachelor Party , 1 on 1 privates , Divorce Party , Birthday Party , Horny Guys Night out.These female srippers take pride in all of thier sexy costumes from start to finish, Sometimes if the strippers do not have the costume that was selected by the customer then they will borrow it from our Orange County costumes office wich handles and has over 1,000 costumes in thier inventory.You can just about pick any attire you want for your female stripper to arrive in but our Orange County location listed and attached a photo below of our most popular dancer costumes below wich might help you to choose now.Thanks and Good Luck.



Southern California Services
` Sexy Cop ` Fire woman ` Horny Construction ` Laker Girl ` School Girl ` Airforce Whore ` Nasty Navy ` Cowgirl ` Fed Ex ` Sexy Zoot Suit ` Clipper Girl ` Dirty Lingerie ` Classy Secretary ` Naughty Nurse ` School Girl ` Raiderette ` And more!

Female Strippers Costumes


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