Message from Hollywood : BEWARE of the competition! There has been agencies all over Southern California trying to copycat Latins Finest Inc. and Godfather Hollywood Productions. We are the Original Latins Finest, Started By Hollywood himself in 1998.Alot of people dont know how our female exotic dancers got started but in 1997 Hollywood started these latin female exotic dancers in the Riverside County & Los Angeles areas and actually stopped doing female strippers to pay more attention to the Male Strippers because he felt at that time that there was alot more money in it and it was easier to deal with not only because he was a male stripper, but he also launched a huge strip club named Camachos and had to much work and responsibilty on his hands taking on 3 clubs a week and had over 60 male exotic dancers at the time.So what he did was asked his friend Angel and employee to handle the Latins Finest Female Strippers and he did making it huge in its early years with of course Hollywoods promotion help In 2005 they seprated and continued to work out of two different Riverside County offices and as Angel Started to work just as a dancer he wanted to take some time for more business adventures and has continued to be succesfull and run the female dancers out of our main Riverside location.Since 2007 Hollywood has calmed down on all the strip clubs he produced to pay more focus to exotic dancers delivery for bachelor parties , and guys night out and now has created an empire in California opening offices all over Riverside , Moreno Valley , Los Angeles , Orange County , Oxnard , San Fernando , West Covina , San Bernardino , Victorville , San Diego , Long Beach , Oceanside , Corona , El Monte , Burbank , Pasadena , Santa Ana , Pacoima , La, La Verne , San Dimas , Baldwin Park , Glendora , La Puente , Anaheim , Palm Springs , Santa Barbara , Kern County , Bakersfield , And Growing .

1998 Flyer

Above is the first Latins Finest Female Exotic Dancer Flyer back in 1998

Latin Riverside Female Exotic Dancers

Retired After 5 years of service
Retired After 10 years of service
Retired After 4 years of service
Retired After 8 years of service
Pleasure - Just Retired
Laylon - Just Retired
Alize - Just Retired
Mercedes - Just Retired



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